Kodiak TL Suppressor


Watch this video showing you just how quiet the Kodiak TL Suppressor actually is:

Liberty Suppressors Kodiak TL is light weight at about 6 ounces. It uses a titanium tube along with a stainless steel monolithic core and rear cap. It’s unique and seemingly random design of the baffle geometry gives this suppressor another advantage over the competition when it come to noise reduction. It measure very low on both pistols and rifles. The take apart design is great for cleaning. The Kodiak TL comes with the special tools needed for dis-assembly.

List of Caliber for Kodiak LT

  • 22LR
  • 22WMR
  • 17M2
  • 17HMR

Note: This unit is rated for full auto in 22LR only.

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Additional information




Approximate sound reduction

39 – 41 decibels


Approximately 6.3 ounces

Length / Diameter

6.5” x 1”


Stainless steel / Titanium


½-28 Thread mounted