EFA-G17 Belt Holster


Russian EFA-G17 belt holster

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Designed specifically for Glock-17 police service pistol (it can also accommodate Glock 19, 22,23, 31,32 ), this Russian-made quick-response holster is made from hardened polymer and allows the pistol to be taken out through the top (without loading the gun) or by “push-and-pull” action in order to chamber a cartridge quickly with one hand ( push the gun down & pull immediately up). This double action deploys a special mechanism to switch the safety off, chamber a round and cock the trigger. The whole process takes less than a second. Remarkably the holster never jams and works perfectly in harsh temperature conditions and even after its been in contact with sand, mud & water. A Glock has to have a loaded magazine inserted, but no round in the chamber. If there was a round in the chamber – it will be ejected and a new round will be chambered.

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